NJStar Software Corp.

NJStar Software Corp. is a developer of productivity and education software. The current developer portfolio contains 16 programs. The most popular software is NJStar Communicator with 16 installations on Windows PC.

PO Box 40, Sydney, 2121, Australia
General phone:
Hongbo Ni
Home page:

Best software by NJStar Software Corp.

NJStar Communicator
NJStar Communicator enables normal Windows apps to read and write Chinese.
NJStar Chinese WP
Word processor software, designed for both Chinese and English languages.
NJStar Japanese WP
Word processor software, which is designed for Japanese and English languages.

Popular programs by NJStar Software Corp.

NJStar Chinese Pen
Write Chinese characters using your mouse or tablet.
NJWIN - NJStar CJK Viewer
NJWIN is a "plugin" software designed to enable normal windows programs.
NJStar Chinese Calendar
Chinese/Western Calendar, Alarm, and World Clock.
NJStar Asian Explorer
This program is designed for reading Chinese, Japanese and Korean web pages.

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